Visitor Visa

Visit your favourite place on a budget that suits you.

What is a visitor visa?

It is a type of visa that allows you to visit and stay in the country for a specified number of days. Some countries make it simple to apply for a visa, while others have more stringent requirements. It should be noted that if the requirements are not met properly, the country reserves the right to deny your request. The country for which you are applying for a visa and the country to which you belong are both important factors in obtaining a Visitor Visa.

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Types of Visitor Visa

It is important to note that each Visa has its own set of terms and conditions. For security reasons, countries may also refuse your entry. Many countries also provide Visa on Arrival, so check the requirements before booking your international trip.

Visa Category B-1

This category of visa is helpful for people who want to temporarily enter a country for business purposes.

Visa Category B-2

This visa is for people who are only planning on visiting the country as a tourist.

Visa Category (B-1/B-2)

This option combines both of the previously mentioned visa categories. Visitors are welcome to come and stay for a short time.

Importance of having a consultant

It's critical to work with a professional Visa consultant who can guide you through the entire visa application process. We have an expert team at Aeroglobe who can assist you in understanding the entire visa process as well as the requirements you must meet to obtain one. You can apply for a tourist visa online in some places, but you must have all of the necessary documents on hand.

You can apply for a Visitor Visa in a variety of ways, including in person at the embassy, online, or through an immigration consultant. Having an immigrant consultant can be extremely beneficial because they are well-versed in all of the recent changes to the existing requirements. The rules for Visitor Visas can change at any time, so seek assistance from a reputable consultant to avoid any last-minute changes. At Aeroglobe, we help with all types of visitor visas and ensure that candidates receive their visas on time.