Spouse & Dependent Visa

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Looking to join spouse on a dependent visa?

Everyone wants to live in a foreign country with their partners and families. If you’re looking for a way to bring your spouse and children to the country where you want to relocate, our expert team of consultants can assist you. Our team will assist your partner and children in obtaining a visa promptly. There are several types of Visas available for obtaining your partners.

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Types of Spouse Visa

It is important to note that each Visa has its own set of terms and conditions. For security reasons, countries may also refuse your entry. Many countries also provide Visa on Arrival, so check the requirements before booking your international trip.

Dependent Visa

This visa allows your spouse and children to temporarily live in the country where you are currently residing. The Visa permit is contingent on the sponsor's status. A spouse-dependent visa allows you to sponsor your partner in the country where you are currently residing. It also allows your spouse to work on a dependent spouse work permit.

Permanent Resident Dependant Visa

You can easily obtain a Visa for your spouse if you are a permanent resident of a country. The Spouse Dependent Visa allows you to sponsor your spouse. If the spouse wishes to work in another country, they can apply for a work permit. The Spouse receives a PR based on the sponsor's PR in this category. The typical processing time for such a Visa, depending on the country of permanent residence is 8-10 weeks.

Student Permit Spouse Dependent Visa

This is the best visa option for people who are studying abroad and want to assist their spouse in obtaining a visa. Anyone with a study permit and who is enrolled in a reputable university or college can apply for a spouse-dependent visa as well as a work permit under this category.

Why Choose Us?

We at Aeroglobe have been assisting people in reuniting with their partners and families by providing them with comprehensive support throughout the process. While applying for the Spouse Dependent Visa, we oversee the documentation process and ensure that there are no errors. Our consultants ensure that the process is completed on time and that you receive your Visa within 8 to 10 weeks.

Guidelines for applying:

  • To apply for a Visa, you must have valid proof of your relationship.
  • The visa holder must be at least 18 years old and reside in the designated country.
  • The documents show you have enough funds to support your spouse on a dependent visa.