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Be a global citizen and explore the world by being a student, a visitor, or an immigrant. Reach out to AeroGlobe now!

Visitor Visa

Anyone can travel to any country on the planet. A Visitor Visa is required for travelling abroad and visiting countries of your choice. Non-immigrant visas for a temporary stay and immigrant visas for permanent residence have different requirements in each country.

Student Visa

We at Aeroglobe are assisting students in finding the best career opportunities abroad. Any student who wishes to study in another country requires a Student Visa, which is an official document issued by the country in question. Our team of expert consultants can help you with the entire Student Visa process.

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When it comes to immigration counseling and consultation, Aeroglobe is the best option. We have an expert team of immigration consultants who assist candidates in preparing to move and settle abroad. Many people dream of relocating to another country for better job prospects, business opportunities, and other reasons.

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Spouse & Dependant Visa

Everyone wants to live in a foreign country with their partners and families. If you're looking for a way to bring your spouse and children to the country where you want to relocate, our expert team of consultants can assist you. Our team will assist your partner and children in obtaining a visa promptly. There are several types of Visas available for obtaining your partners