Why Study in Australia?

When people think of Australia, they visualize wide open spaces, kangaroos, cricket, opera house, and beaches. Its welcoming, laid-back nature, great educational system, incredible universities, and high standard of living makes it the best choice for international students.

Australia is a modern, democratic country with world-class healthcare, education, and geography unlike anywhere else on the planet. Australia is a wonderful place to study and explore because it is one of the safe locations and the world’s third most popular study destination for international students. Australians are friendly and outgoing, with a strong interest in sports, food, and entertainment. You will meet people from various cultures and faiths from all over Australia, just as you would on campus.

The country’s dynamic way of life and embracing culture have consistently drawn students. A growing number of Indian understudies are settling in Australia to study abroad because of its a-list education, post-study work opportunities, and brilliant way of life. Whatever course you choose, you will be guaranteed phenomenal scholastic greatness as well as an emotionally supportive network for international students.

A Few Questions.

Study in Australia; here’s why it is an awesome choice:


  • Australian universities are ranked among the best in the world, with eight of them ranking among the top 100.
  • The Australian university system is superior to that of Germany and New Zealand (9th in the world)
  • The majority of universities are located in capital cities that are among the top 30 most liveable cities for students.
  • The government spends more than $200,000,000 per year on international scholarships.
  • Due to its welcoming environment, Australia attracts a large number of international students each year.
  • You can be confident that with a great education in Australia, you will be able to live, study, and experience a culture rich in tourist attractions and well-equipped transportation facilities.

The amount you pay on tuition fees is determined by the type of degree you want to pursue and the university or school you attend. Veterinary and medical degrees, for example, are significantly more expensive than other degrees. The cost of studying in Australia ranges between AUD 20,000 and AUD 30,000 per year.


How much does it cost to study in Australia from India?



Study Program

Average fees


English language studies

₹25,685.29 to ₹33,023.95weekly (varies as per course length)


Undergraduate Bachelor’s degree

₹11,00,745.75 to ₹25,68,406.75 annually


Postgraduate Master’s Degree

₹14,67,661.00 to ₹30,82,088.10 annually


Doctoral Degree

₹14,67,990.00 to ₹30,82,779.00 annually (attractive scholarships up to 100% available with living grants on meeting the university requirements)


Humanities, arts, and education courses are typically less expensive, whereas medicine and engineering are more likely to be more expensive. The tuition fee for postgraduate studies is usually higher, and the rates vary depending on the program. If you want to reduce your tuition costs, you can apply for one of the many scholarships available to Indian students.

International students have reaped numerous benefits as a result of Australia's student visa program. Here's everything you need to know about post-study work visas in Australia. Australia has a strict visa system in place, but with the right advice, you should be able to breeze through it with ease. The processing time for an Australian student visa differs depending on whether the student is a high school student, an undergraduate student, or a postgraduate student.


To obtain an Australian student visa, you must have enrolled in a course of study in Australia and demonstrate your financial ability to pay the course fee and support yourself throughout your stay. Students under the age of 18 are welcome to bring their parents with them. The post-study work visa in Australia allows international students to work after finishing their studies and stay in Australia for up to four years. It is beneficial to gain professional experience. The following is the procedure for applying for and obtaining a student visa in Australia.


Here’s how it works:

  • Register with Aeroglobe and talk with an education counsellor
  • Apply to institutions with our help (We have a great working relationship with every one of them)
  • Take IELTS Test
  • Receive an offer letter from the institution
  • Collect your Australian Student visa documents
  • Pay tuition fee and receive your eCoE
  • Lodge student visa medical
  • Collect visa grant letter

Learn all there is to know about OSHC health insurance, which is required of international students studying in Australia. All international students who are studying in Australia must have Overseas Student Health Coverage (OSHC). The health insurance must be valid and active throughout their stay in Australia. If you are travelling with family members, they should have health insurance as well.


OSHC is one of the requirements for applying for a student visa. It is one of the documents required when applying for a student visa in Australia. Apart from the fact that it is required, OSHC is extremely beneficial because it covers a wide range of medical expenses.


Australia's healthcare system is robust, but it is also costly. Purchasing OSHC is thus a wise financial decision. This health insurance is available from a variety of providers and typically costs between $450 and $600, depending on the plan chosen.

Look no further for the best places to study in Australia, a unique faraway land filled with cuddly koalas, pristine beaches, and bustling towns. Australia has some of the best cities in the world in terms of educational institutions as well as providing the best environment for international students to live in.


The List of best places to study in Australia

  • Melbourne
  • Canberra
  • Perth
  • Adelaide
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane


These are some of the best cities to study in Australia, which is well-connected to the other parts of the world and is widely known for safety and diversity.


Students can research the top universities in these cities online or with the assistance of our counsellors, shortlist the most suitable ones, and apply. Other cities in Australia, except Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane have been designated as regional cities, and students who choose to study in these cities can take advantage of amazing benefits such as special scholarships, extra PR points, and an extended stay in the country after graduation.

When you start college, you'll need to decide what major you want to pursue and what degree is best for you. Although it is all too common for students to change majors during their college careers, the job opportunities and potential for career development in the global economy determine which majors are the best to pursue.


While it is important to choose a degree in which you are truly interested and can see yourself working in a similar field, it is also beneficial to know what are the most in-demand degrees so that when you graduate, your chances of landing a job naturally increase.


For international students, the universities provide the best courses to study in Australia.


There are institutions in Australia for almost every other course, ranging from popular choices like Medicine, Engineering, Business, and Science to some of the more unusual options like performing arts, theology, and eastern medicine with tests to be taken for pursuing MS Australia.


International students in Australia can pursue certificate courses, diplomas, Bachelor's degrees, Doctoral degrees, and master's degrees. Studying MBA in Australia is one of the best decisions you can make in your life. The programs are designed to provide in-depth theoretical knowledge supplemented by practical learning.

It is critical for students who want to study abroad in Australia to have their English skills verified through an Australian entry test. International entry exams, such as the TOEFL or IELTS, frequently require the application process. Every student should take such tests seriously and do everything they can to prepare for the Australian entrance exam to an Australian college.